Stop Socialism – Choose Freedom Rally: Tea Party Tax Day Event!

When: April 15th Tax Day!
Time: 5PM to 7PM
Where: Along Edwin Miller Blvd, North Martinsburg
(Meet next to Hoss’s Steak House)

Part of a nationwide series of demonstrations and rallies coordinated by Tea Party Patriots

This marks the 10th anniversary of the Tea Party Movement in the Eastern Panhandle and nationally and the Blue Ridge Patriots of Martinsburg in conjunction with We The People Jefferson County ( are having a Tax Day Rally to celebrate the 10 year birth of the Tea Party Movement. This years theme, “Stop Socialism – Choose Freedom”, is so relevant today, the socialist movement is growing in the US all while countries like Venezuela are in total collapse because of so called “Democratic Socialism”. WE DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM COMING TO THE USA! Please join many patriotic americans who stand up each day against those who oppose our unalienable rights, that of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness enshrined in our Declaration and liberties protected by our Constitution!

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  1. So good, Dona. Thank you so much. You always point me to Jesus. You remind me that He knows my name, and that is the important thing. It is easy for me to look to fellow Christians for comfort and encouragement. Yes, that is a good thing. But you remind me of what is truly important. If I am to have lasting joy and peace, it is the intimacy with and connectedness to Jesus which I must place as most important. He alone is my lasting source of everything that is important and everything I need. Yes, fellowship with and connectedness to my brothers and sisters in Christ is essential, but if I look to others to supply what only Jesus can, I am setting myself and them up for failure. Thank you for pointing me to Jesus in such a tender, loving and real way. Lyndon Farrauto

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