Legislative Priorities

WTPJC Legislative Priorities for 2023/2024

Mission Statement: WTPWV-PAC is organized to promote and sponsor conservative values, issues, and candidates at local and state levels.

  1. Protect Children-Modify/Amend HB 2007
  2. With noted exceptions to disability, birth defects etc. No child under the age of 18 can consent to gender modifying surgery, puberty blockers,treatments etc for the purposes of gender transition from one gender to another.  Any medical professional who does engage in prohibited conduct will be subject to loss of license AND criminal charges.
  3. Life- Repeal the Hardy Amendment.  Life begins at conception. Unborn children are human beings and should be guaranteed constitutional protections.
  4. Parents Bill of Rights: School transparency to parents
  5. Reduce the scope and size of government/De-regulation 
  6. Eliminating Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI/DIE) programs from our schools and government 
  7. School Choice- Revise the HOPE Scholarship to eliminate 45 Day requirements-transition to Universal School Choice.
  8. Personal Liberty- WV Code 16-3-4 Public Health-Prohibit forced vaccination by any public or private entity. Entities that attempt to force vaccination to maintain employment shall face criminal and/or civil sanctions.
  9. Codify WV as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State. Eliminate all carry restrictions
  10. Modify WV Code to limit State of Emergency declarations so that personal liberties are not deprived
  11. Tax- Eliminate the WV Income Tax
  12. End out of state corporate welfare- Form Energy, Bill Gates