We the People of Jefferson County, WV

Taxed Enough Already

WTPWV is a non-partisan Tea Party Political Action Committee (PAC).

Founded on April 15, 2009, on the first Tax Day rally, when West Virginians stood against oppressive taxation en masse at the Jefferson County courthouse.

Our Mission

Our goal is to defend the God-given rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. We keep our finger on the pulse of issues currently facing Jefferson County and its local municipalities. We take action to defend conservative American values and protect the rights of all citizens.

Who We Are

PAC members are regular hard-working citizens in the local community. From Harpers Ferry to Shannondale, Charles Town to Shepherdstown, and everywhere in between.

We come together for fellowship and friendship, from the farmers’ fields to the Northern Virginia commuters.

We are unified by our common beliefs, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Should You Join Us?

Have you ever felt muzzled at work? Afraid to voice a conservative political opinion because it would be met with shock and surprise? Forced to silently ignore your friend when they go off on a radical liberal rant?

Beyond our mission, we exist to unite like-minded conservatives within the silent majority.

Visit our regular monthly meetup to join some of the most intelligent and down-to-earth neighbors you didn’t know you had.

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PAC News

Latest News

Stop Socialism – Choose Freedom Rally: Tea Party Tax Day Event!

When: April 15th Tax Day!Time: 5PM to 7PMWhere: Along Edwin Miller Blvd, North Martinsburg(Meet next to Hoss’s Steak House) Part of a nationwide series of demonstrations and rallies coordinated by Tea Party Patriots This marks the 10th anniversary of the Tea Party Movement in the Eastern Panhandle and nationally and the Blue Ridge Patriots of …

Thanks to White Horse Tavern

Remember to express your gratitude to White Horse Tavern. Their generosity has enabled us to enjoy an outstanding location for our regular meetings for years. The best way to say thanks is to patronize their establishment. Arrive early to the monthly meetups to order dinner off their menu.

Upcoming Events

General Assembly Summit

General assembly convenes the second Monday of each month at the Clarion Inn in Harpers Ferry. Session begins at 7:00pm and normally lasts 1-2 hours.

Next event is April 8, 2019 at 7pm.

Monthly summits are open to the public and all are welcome. Full restaurant service is available and helps support our host.

Agenda topics

Session format typically includes:

  • Summaries of current and upcoming political issues
  • Guest speakers
  • Reports from local government representatives
  • Open forum for debate
  • Networking and breakoff discussion

Our Location

Open to the Public

We welcome the general public to our monthly summit at The Clarion Inn in Harpers Ferry. We convene in the restaurant’s main conference space.

View specific dates and times on our Upcoming Events.

The Clarion Inn
4328 William L Wilson Fwy
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Get in Touch

Send us a message

Whether you’d like more info such as where we meet, and our principles. Find out more about what’s happening around you and engage with some of the brightest minds in your community.

Let us know your thoughts, questions and concerns. We love talking.